Unified Gymnastics Competition, Bucharest

Special Olympics Romania Foundation organized, on July 14 th, a sports event within the “Motor abilities development project for Down Syndrome individuals – essential step towards an independent life” project, financed through the SEE 2009 – 2014 grants, under the ONG Romanian Fund. The Unified Gymnastics Sports Competion was held in sports hall from ”Ferdinand I” Secondary School. The competition brought together 36 athletes, with and without intellectual disabilities, from Bucharest: Down Bucharest Association, Sindrom Down Bucharest Association, ”Mana de lucru” Fundation, Down Plus Association, ”Be a butterfly” Association, ”Angels Down” Association, ”Angels Down Friends” Association. They have the support of 34 coaches and parents.

For additional official information regarding the SEE and Norwegian grants please visit www.eeagrants.org.

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