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”SO Get Into It!” textbook is about the winners with disabilities and is a gateway to a better society for all of us. The textbook is distributed free of charge to teachers from mainstream schools and it is specially designed for students without disabilities.
Through ”SO Get Into It!” students are informed about the Special Olympics movement and about all the positive aspects the movement promotes.

”SO Get Into It!” textbook offers 4 lessons and has three major objectives:
To help students understand and accept the differences and qualities of each individual;
To help students to learn about Special Olympics and about how they can be involved in the movement;
To help students volunteer for Special Olympics projects and activities.

The four lessons are structured in such a way as to highlight the importance of capitalizing the information from previous lessons:
– Knowledge: get new information on how stereotypes are formed and how they can generate inappropriate behaviors;
– Understanding: explain the terms “discrimination”, “aversion”, “stereotype”;
– Inspiration: set role models – Special Olympics athletes;
– Action: encourage students to change attitudes and behaviors in their communities.
The program was implemented in all counties across Romania starting in 2004.

Between 1 April 2004 and 31 March 2016, ”SO Get Into It!” will:
– Raise awareness among 1,050 students in mainstream schools in : Bucuresti, Craiova, Targoviste, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Valea Jiului, Brasov;
– Train 42 teachers within 7 seminars;
– Organize 7 school project contests on the theme ”social inclusion for people with disabilities”.

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