Regional Young athletes workshop

Between December 13th -16th 2015, Special Olympics Romania hosted the Regional Young athletes Workshop. The event was organized by Special Olympics Europe/Euroasia and gathered Young athletes coordinators from Slovenia, Hungary, Republic of Moldavia, Portugal, Hellas, Turkey and Poland. The sessions were led by Maureen Clarke, the Young Athletes & Family Programme Coordinator from the
Europe Eurasia Regional Office (Dublin).
The main focus was on the models that each country uses to implement the program. The participants also took part in 2 activities at the National University for Physical Education and Sports. The first one was a training for children aged 2-8 organized by Professor Aura Bota. The second one was a Unified Gymnastics demonstration for adults with intellectual disabilities and students led by Professor Gabriel Popescu. The purpose was to emphasize the relationship between the exercises that are specially designed for children and the ones for adults.
We would like to thank SO Europe/Euroasia, the participants, the Professors and students, the athletes and their families. We hope it was a nice experience for everybody!


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